Haratua/ May

Issue 4

Anzac Poppy comic JdPWelcome to issue 4 of our online newsletter, with a cartoon from Jade du Preez.

Lots of news stories this month: the Auckland Council Rainbow Panel has got the go-ahead, and it’s time for the annual Biggest Lesbian coffee break in Auckland. Whanganui has a hui for youth, parents and health workers. A lesbian photography exhibition at Auckland’s Charlotte Museum opens at the end of the month; and there will be a Considering feminisms exhibition and journal  in Wellington later in the year. Vicky Wood is holding a free Healthy relationships workshop for young LGBTTQI people in Auckland at the Human Rights Commission. Friends and fans of The Johnnys and Suzi Fray will want to know about the Give a little campaign for Suzi. The Auckland Pride board has vacancies, it’s the last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and there’ll be no Out Takes Festival this year.

You’ll see a change in the way Dyke Diary looks: we’ve now set it out geographically (north to south), then by month within each region. We think this makes it easier to read and to find events – do let us know what you think, and feel free to make any suggestions for a better way to present it.

Are you missing the Classifieds and similar ads from the print newsletter? The online place for them is our Services page.

Diary entries, Services notices, new or changed details for Social or Support organisations … these are updated during the month. Email us (LNAotearoa@gmail.com) and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

And have you liked us on Facebook? – that’s where you’ll see more immediate commentary, posts and re-posts, in between issues here.

Feedback? – we welcome comments (at the bottom of every page) and contributions. Thanks!


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