Pipiri (June)

Kia ora and welcome to our Pipiri update, with a cartoon by Helen Courtney.

HC onion cartoonYou’re invited to help reduce violence in relationships involving queer women, and we explore some of the Matariki events by women around the country. And we’re keen to hear from you about any lesbian and other queer female local body candidates in your area. We preview two celebrations planned for the 30th anniversary of homosexual law reform in Auckland in July, and describe changes and challenges to the Auckland Pride Festival board as it becomes member-run. On our Media page you can read about lesbian writers Louise Welsh, Eileen Myles, Jeanette Winterson and Susie Orbach; a history of lesbian activism in Melbourne, and a film about the Chinese closet. See our People page for a female carpenter making a specialist item, and our Opinion page for Jan Rivers’ Public Good philosophy.

And check out the Photos page – like Dyke Diary, we update this during the month, whenever photos come in.

See our Services page for Rainbow training and accreditation programmes, classified ads and businesses, currently free. Email us your Dyke Diary, Social and Support group updates and we’ll put them online as quickly as possible. We welcome comments (at the bottom of every page) and contributions. Thanks!

If you prefer to read LNA on paper click on print at the top of our main pages. If you’re reading this on your phone, use landscape view to see the stories better.

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