Haratua / May 2018

Kia ora and welcome to our Haratua update.

Our national stories address big matters for us all: deliberately creating family/whānau, and mental health and wellbeing (the government’s inquiry has just launched).

Our People page profiles Wellington-based drag king Hugo Grrrl: “Everyone should do drag”.

And our Opinion page has a reflection on the ‘Love me as I am’ tribute concert to Mahinārangi Tocker, performed in Auckland as part of the Arts Festival in March, 10 years after she died.

What about regional stories? Well, Auckland is looking for drag kings and for lesbians to talk about the social scene in the 1980s. One of the good things about the approach of winter is skiing: read about Queenstown’s plans, and the change to Winter Pride. Dunedin’s Pride had enthusiastic participation in a whole range of events.

Our Media page previews an Auckland theatrical production, and a recent re-publication of a novel first published in 1918.

Check out Dyke Diary for events of interest to lesbians and queer women. We update it as we receive information about events – please send us your suggestions (email is good!) of those we should be listing.

Also email us your Social & Support group updates and we’ll put them online as quickly as possible. We welcome comments (at the bottom of every page) and contributions. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page – there are more links to stories there, and they don’t always get to the website.

If you prefer to read LNA on paper click on print at the top of our main pages.


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