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We welcome your suggestions of websites, books, films and any other media of interest to lesbians and queer women.

The Bertha revolution in Dunedin
A picture of you?

We appreciate the original cartoons provided by Helen Courtney. This one, Flight of fancy, seems to fit particularly well with Media.

The Bertha revolution in Dunedin

Berthat Revolution 2Sarah Baird’s Bertha Revolution exhibition runs until September 8 in the Dunedin School of Art Gallery in Riego St. It includes around 300 text posters expressing misogynist, anti-lesbian and victim-blaming “rubbish that people are still experiencing” with 300 small ceramic Bertha figures and a 3m high Bertha statue.

“It’s a reminder to people that feminism is not over and there is still work to be done, especially in the current political climate,” says Sarah. The exhibition finishes her Masters of Fine Art course, with closing drinks and nibbles on Friday 8 from 4.30pm.

Bertha “was constructed from the limbs of eight different people and has turned out to be a figure that nearly everyone relates to”, says Sarah. See more on her website and on Instagram.

A picture of you?

Sian TorringtonWellington-based lesbian/queer artist Sian Torrington is offering commissioned expressive portraits negotiated with the sitter.

“I made a series of these during my recent project We don’t have to be the building; they are like a collage on one sheet of paper, with you choosing the poses and me capturing some of that individual energy on paper.”

People wanting a portrait go to Sian’s studio in central Wellington. Sitters can give feedback on what is missing and what could be added, and she can also draw from photographs.

Drawings can be charcoal, pencil, graphite and pastels, in black and white or with colour.

Price is negotiated at the beginning; a two-hour sitting will cost $450, and Sian is open to some forms of exchange. Email Sian on

Blogs and pages you’ll like

Who are you reading?  Here’s our blog roll; send us links for other lesbian blogs.

Blogs and sites from Aotearoa

The Charlotte Museum “The Charlotte Museum Trust is part of a network of archives preserving lesbian culture for the benefit and understanding of future generations in New Zealand. This is where the Charlotte Museum blogs about her exhibitions, events, archives and lesbian history.” Not updated since January 2016
We don’t have to be the building, a blog about Sian Torrington’s project of the same name, about “lesbian, bi-sexual, queer female bodied, trans* and female identified activists both 30 years ago during Homosexual Law Reform, and now” who are “telling our personal stories as a form of activism”. Sian drew and interviewed lesbian, queer and trans* women for an exhibition in Wellington in 2016 and Auckland in 2017.
Renée’s Wednesday Busk
He Hōaka Kim Mcbreen’s queer Māori political blog.
Out There Pat Rosier’s perceptive comments on her reading and the writing process, the last posts very poignant after her death in 2014.
The Hand Mirror Lesbian, queer and other feminist writing by a variety of bloggers.
Egg Venturous Claire Gummer’s whimsical writing about her backyard chooks and beyond.
Butch on Butch A Facebook page of photographs and comments.
I’m local Info and resources for queer & gender diverse youth around Aotearoa.

Blogs from elsewhere

Carolyn Gage A playwright, also a writer of lengthy and thoughtful blog posts.
diva grp2Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA) Fiji An active group of young lesbians linking their human rights with gender, social, ecological and constitutional justice; also on Twitter (@diva4equality).
Isle of Lesbos “A place of art, culture, and learning dedicated to lesbian and bisexual women.”
The Lesbrary “The humble quest to read everything lesbian: a lesbian book blog”. Maintains its own “(Lesbian) Book Blog” roll (16 at last count).
Listening 2 Lesbians A page recording women’s experiences of being abused or silenced as lesbians and of being subjected to misogyny and lesbophobia within and outside the community;news stories on lesbian rights, violence and discrimination against the lesbian community.
Lizzy the Lezzy Lizzy started as an animated stand up comedian. The website hasn’t been updated since 2016, but she also has a Facebook presence.
Sister Outrider is the award winning blog of Claire Heuchan, a Black radical feminist from Scotland, with a website, Facebook and Twitter online presence.
The Total Femme “Your friendly neighborhood femme mom bookworm” has a Meditation for Queer Femmes posted Mondays, links to other blog posts or articles in “Pingy-Dingy Wednesday”, Fridays highlight queer femmes from all walks of life.
Women You Should Know “a digital media property and community all about dynamic women …” with a website and Facebook presence.

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